Overview: Intelligent Business Operations


CIO Insights: Intelligent Business Operations

Intelligent Business Operations asks the following questions:

  1. What are the opportunities and needs for smarter processes?
  2. How does the advent of near real time information change daily operations?
  3. What kind of technology is needed to implement intelligent business operations?

Increased business pressures such as globalization, increased competition, more regulation, and personalized service lead to limitations of conventional operations. Limitations include situation awareness with limited visibility and facts on globally distributed operations, decision making with inflexible policies and hard-coded rules, and process management with rigid processes and labor-intensive, manual control of flow.

Real-time information changes daily operations. Decisions vary by role, scope, and detail. Individual contributors ask the base level questions directly related to a specific consumer—for example, “Should I approve this loan?” or “What can I up-sell to this customer.” The questions become broader in scope as they move up the chain from individual contributor to the C-Suite which handles the ‘big picture’ questions. For example, “Are we in compliance?”

Today’s abundance of information exceeds humans’ processing capacity, and conventional BI and Analytics separate and delay decision making from actions. Active and on-demand analytics support real-time operational decisions. Intelligent Business Operations provides continuous operational feedback following the cycle of situation awareness, decision management perspective analytics, actions, events, and descriptive and predictive analytics. The Observe-orient-decide-act (OODA) Loop frames operation decisions.

  • Observe- acquire data
  • Orient- put data in context
  • Decide- determine action
  • Act- perform action

This loop is used to determine which aspects of runtime operations need to be more intelligent and how to improve them.

The technology needed to implement Intelligent Business Operations include Intelligent BPM Suites such as:

  • IBM Business Process Manager
  • Appian's Appian BPM Suite
  • Pegasystems PRPC
  • Aurea Savvion
  • Vitria Operational Intelligence
  • Tibco ActiveMatrix BPM
  • Software AG (webMethods) BPMS
  • Whitestein Living Systems Process Suite
  • Oracle BPM Suite