Project Ignite developed a new model of collaboration and proved it could produce solutions for a wide variety of business challenges in the nonprofit industry:

  • Volunteer management
  • Program registration logistics
  • Data collection
  • Workforce mobility
  • Technology skills development
  • Best practices for common business procedures.


Case Study Index

The following case studies provide supporting evidence of successful collaborative solutions development.

Each case study demonstrates how a sharp focus on business challenges, rather than mission-specific challenges, enabled Project Ignite to create scalable technology solutions that help nonprofits achieve their missions. In many cases, we scaled the solution beyond Project Ignite.


Volunteer Management: Three nonprofits with divergent missions (wildlife rehabilitation, low-income housing, education assistance) created a cloud-based software solution that helps nonprofits collect volunteer data efficiently and communicate with volunteers effectively, regardless of mission. The solution is being scaled nationally.

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Simplicity Solutions: Simplicity created technology stability for 12 small nonprofits, each with fewer than 10 employees. The group implemented wireless-enabled laptops, cloud-based servers and up-to-date software that improved mobility and efficiency of small nonprofits.

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Social Media: The social media collaboration group created a white paper that outlined best practices for nonprofit social media program development and measurement. The white paper circulated throughout the community, providing insights for many nonprofits beyond the original collaboration group.

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Alumni Engagement: Leadership programs struggle to keep their program alumni engaged with each other, their programs and the community. This group created a white paper outlining best practices for managing program alumni data and staying in contact with program alumni.

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