Project Ignite's new model of collaboration energized the Charlotte region nonprofit community. It resulted in the transformation of ideas from concepts to solutions that have been implemented in a diverse group of nonprofits. Because it focused on solving business challenges rather than mission-specific challenges, the benefits of these solutions have been widespread.

For example, it assembled a group of nonprofits interested in using Apple® iPad™ technology to improve operations. The group included organizations with divergent missions – arts and culture, low-income housing, assisted living and AIDS awareness – but used a common technology platform to solve different problems.

Project Ignite also transformed Apparo into a hub for collaboration. It is now an organization that convenes community resources – corporate volunteers, funding, technology know-how and nonprofits - to collaborate on technology solutions that address business challenges.

Project Ignite benefited immensely from a Knight Foundation grant that did not bind it to using specific technologies. Instead, under Apparo's guidance, participants had the freedom to thoroughly explore business challenges and find the best solutions. Sometimes this meant improving work processes while also creating best practices for existing technologies. The social media and alumni engagement collaboration groups - profiled in the case studies section - are examples of best practices solutions.

Project Ignite created a new model of collaboration that combined community education, focused collaboration around a business challenge and stability through managed services. The new model of collaboration resulted in a mindset shift among nonprofit leaders in their perception of technology and how it can help achieve their missions. Read about the mindset shift here.

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Project Ignite Annual Reports

Final Report - 2012
Year Three Report - 2011
Year Two Report - 2010
Year One Report - 2009