Conquer Your Technology

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Technology Trouble

Not long ago, nonprofits like Alexander Youth Network and Hospitality House were frustrated by their technology, and overwhelmed by the unlimited options and their limited budgets.

Until they made a technology plan.

Now, they are confident in making tech decisions, and spend money on the right tools at the right time. Gone are the days of struggling through multiple tech options.


Conquer Your Technology

At Conquer Your Technology, nonprofits will hear from the experts on how to implement a successful technology plan. This Nonprofit Insights forum is for you if:

  • You've ever thought, "There's got to be an easier way to do this." 
  • Or you're asking yourself, "Why am I so wary of new technology?"

The conversation will be relevant to nonprofits of all sizes and directed at nonprofit leadership, IT directors/managers, the person who does 8,000 things at their nonprofit (randomly including replacing hardware), etc.

The panel (details below) will be a mix of corporate and nonprofit representatives who have experience with technology planning. Conversation topics include:

  • Why would a nonprofit bother with a tech plan?
  • How can a tech plan aid an organization's mission and effectiveness?
  • What does the process of creating a technology plan look like?
  • We have a technology plan, now what?
  • How does an organization successfully use the document?



When: Wednesday, September 20th from 9:30 – 11:00 AM

Where:   Microsoft, 8050 Microsoft Way

Charlotte, NC 28273

(The building is on the right)

Fee: $10

  Light breakfast included




  • Stephanie McKee, Director of Technology Engagements, Apparo


  • Will Funderburg, Director, Jabian
  • Markus Hill, Chief Information Officer, Rodgers Builders
  • Carolyn Spence, Chief Information Officer, Alexander Youth Network



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