Play It Safe: Nonprofit Cybersecurity Tactics

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Creating a proactive cybersecurity strategy isn't only for large companies like Target or Yahoo. Small businesses and especially nonprofits have important information that needs protecting.  

Join Apparo on December 14th and discover from a panel of experts how to strengthen security around donor, volunteer, and client information. 

You will learn:

1. Why cybersecurity is important to nonprofits

2. Different types of threats and how to recognize them

3. What to do if you receive a cyber threat

4. How to prevent cyber threats



Stephanie McKee, Director of Technology Engagements, Apparo


Stephen Kennen, Founder and President, Proactive IT

Sharon Williams, Director of Operations and Technology Engagements, Girls on the Run International

Armin Ghazi, Founder and President, Samba Solutions Group

Increase your nonprofit's ability to prevent and respond to attacks by making security awareness part of your nonprofit culture. Start by registering for Play it Safe today.


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