Yammer and OneDrive for Nonprofits

Yammer and OneDrive

Yammer is an internal social network that allows you to work together, and share files and photos in real time with the right people.

Do you have sensitive client photos like children participating in programs that you can't share publicly because of privacy issues? Yammer has you covered. Everyone on your team (and approved external members) and celebrate in your success.

OneDrive allows you to collaborate, stay orgnaized, and access your files from anywhere. Need to know about edits to files in real time? OneDrive lets you know.

Join Apparo for the Nonprofit Insights: Yammer and OneDrive for Nonprofits and hear from Microsoft experts on:

  • How to use Yammer as an internal social network
  • Why OneDrive makes collaboration easy (and how you can start today)
  • How to get started and encourage your team to get on board

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