Florence Crittenton Services Results

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Situation: Florence Crittenton Services hoped to deliver virtual health care and virtual communications for family visits, social worker visits, and admission assessments. These were the project deliverables at the center of FCS’s request. Additionally, expanding community awareness, our client base, and donors through the marketing aspect of the project was important.

Solution: Accenture assisted FCS in implementing the technology needed to conduct virtual training for clients including prenatal and vocational education programs such as nutrition and financial literacy.

Results: The project helped increase reach through virtual communications in admissions broadened the agency’s reach to more potential clients. The project also helped expand the mission of FCS with the ability to take classes online helps clients in poverty to see new technologies and gain skills. Lastly, it increased revenue by appealing to more clients in more counties. Having virtual capabilities increased referrals, and allowed to convert potential residents to clients while also increasing our numbers and revenue.