Festival in the Park

Project Description 

Festival in the Park would like assistance with holistically assessing their current communication processes and the identification of a software tool or suite of tools that will allow them to more efficiently manage and communicate with their patrons, vendors, artists and volunteers. Over the course of 3 days, Festival in the Park currently has 120 volunteers, 200 artists, 30 food vendors, 5 stages, and 1,000 performers. Communications are managed through Formstack, GroupMe, RemindMe, 2 phone lines or in-person with volunteers/staff. They would like to automate communication flows where possible (i.e. a vendor needs more ice or commonly asked questions) and reduce the manual effort it takes to manage the various constituent groups. 

The scope of the project will include: 

  • Assessment and understanding of current communication methods and process
  • Documentation and prioritization of requirements (i.e. budget, ease of use, mobile friendly etc.)
  • Marketplace research to determine software tools available that meet requirements
  • Set up and facilitation of demos by software vendors
  • Recommendation on best solution(s) to implement

Project Impact 

The project will increase operating efficiencies by allowing Festival in the Park the ability to:

  • Better communication between staff/volunteers with patrons, vendors and artists
  • Automated communication flow
  • Increased clarity on process
  • Faster turnaround for questions or needs
  • Better experience for patrons, vendors and artists
  • Allow staff/volunteers to better understand and track common needs and questions and mitigate any risks
  • Efficient use of staff and volunteer time and administrative workload

Nonprofit Agency Overview – Festival in the Park 


The mission of the Festival in the Park is to bring the community together through the arts and to provide all citizens of Charlotte/Mecklenburg County access to multi-media visual and performing art at no charge.

True to the vision of its founder, the late A. Grant Whitney, the Festival is intended to provide something for everyone. The Festival, with an emphasis on diversity across all ages, races, and creeds, promotes professional and amateur visual and performing artists. Through community outreach, the Festival hosts many youth and educational organizations.

The Festival now has one paid staff member, several seasonal employees, and many volunteers, including a Festival Board of Directors and organizational committees. It welcomes over 180 artists, nearly 1,000 entertainers for a compressed three-day event. Mecklenburg County Parks and Recreation Department, local city and private schools, the local electrician’s union, several key sponsors, the local media and hundreds of local volunteers ensure the Festival entertains the 85,000 plus who attend.

As the Festival is a non-profit venture, and is in large part self-sustaining with no gate revenue, collected sponsorship and fundraising represent an integral role to the success of the Festival. Private donations are solicited throughout the year by the volunteer Festival board.