Detlef Dohmen


Detlef Dohmen leads the global information technology initiatives as Polypore International’s CIO since 2004. Mr. Dohmen joined Membrana GmbH, a former Polypore company,

in 1992 and progressed through various IT roles with increasing responsibility before moving to Polypore’s headquarters as CIO.

Additionally he also serves as VP IT AsahiKasei North America, where he drives improvements and aligns diverse IT systems across many of AsahiKasei’s businesses and locations in North America.

With 25+ years of Strategic IT leadership experience, Mr. Dohmen has established a global IT organization that serves all Polypore locations and many Asahi Kasei sister companies worldwide.

Mr. Dohmen earned his Diplom Ingenieur in Electrical Engineering with a concentration in process automation from Fachhochschule in Aachen, Germany.