Darrell Thompson, Sr. VP & CIO, Information Technology, Coca-Cola Consolidated

Thompson Darrell

Darrell Thompson, Sr. Vice President and CIO of Information Technology, assumed leadership of the organization in April of 2015. Darrell is a veteran Consolidated leader with 28 years of broad and varied experience throughout the business.

Darrell began in the Internal Audit Department in 1990 performing operational audits. In 1993 and through the next 5 years, he joined Property Accounting where he was responsible for all classes of capital assets and was heavily engaged as a business stakeholder on the IT Systems that supported Property Accounting.   In 1998, Darrell joined the Business Systems & Solutions team as a business analyst where he supported a variety of applications and projects before moving into project management in 2001. In 2008, Darrell became Application Manager of all non-SAP systems where he and his team supported all business facing applications development and on-going support. In 2010, he was responsible for all the business facing analysts (SAP & Business Analysts) and then in 2011, Darrell’s role shifted to the Strategic Initiatives area where he became deeply engaged with the System of the Future initiative.    

Before being promoted to lead the IT department, Darrell served in the role of IT Director, Strategy & CONA Services, where he has been leading Consolidated’s efforts working with the Coca-Cola system in the development of the CONA IT solution. Darrell is highly respected throughout the system and has emerged as a true leader within Consolidated and throughout the Coca-Cola IT community.    

Darrell resides in South Charlotte and has two sons.   Darrell also comes from a long heritage at Consolidated as his father was employed by the Company for 30 years and continued to contract with the organization in restoration of Coke murals after his retirement.