Mint MuseumToni Freeman, Chief Operating Officer, The Mint Museum
“One of my colleagues said that participating in Apparo’s skilled volunteer engagement program is like business ‘therapy’ for our staff.  Our team of Apparo and volunteer business consultants ask our staff the right questions, helping us to dig deeply into the areas that matter to our business.  This process is really going to help us become more effective and efficient in managing our strategic plan.”

Foundations-for-the-Carolinas-logoDeb Watt, CFO, Foundation For The Carolinas
“Since participating in Apparo’s volunteer program, we now have a blueprint for the steps that need to be taken in the event of a major disaster or other business interruption. We can maintain mission-critical services and communicate effectively to all of our stakeholders. And, most importantly, we can play an effective role in providing disaster response and relief if and when people need it. We would not have been able to have plan of this high quality and depth without Apparo’s volunteer programs. They connected us with corporate partners who had the specific expertise we needed to fulfill our mission, regardless of the circumstances.

Generation-nationAmy Farrell, Executive Director, GenerationNation
“By participating in Apparo’s skilled volunteering, we launched a text messaging program to encourage civic leadership and engagement among teens. We found that students learned from reading others’ comments and often came away from the texting discussion with new insights. This type of civic education and collaboration among our students is exciting. Thank you, Apparo!”  

united-way-of-ccKeri Taylor, United Way of Central Carolinas
“I really enjoyed having someone come to my workspace and work with my documents and be able to show me with my own files, with my own data, our own technology, instead of going to an outside organization and having the training there.  I was able to do it right there at my desk.”

Nonprofit Client Partner, IT Coaching Participant
"We dove right in and utilized our hour to the minute."

Nonprofit Client Partner, Tech Team Member
"It's such a relief to have had this guidance.  I never would have figured it out on my own." 


Tom Miller, CTS Skilled Volunteer
cts-logo"We were thrilled to partner with The Mint Museum through Apparo’s volunteer programs. At CTS, we specialize in helping clients develop internal processes to manage activities and it was such a meaningful partnership to work with the Mint on developing their own technology mechanism for tracking their results. Our volunteers enjoyed having this type of skilled volunteer engagement in the community." 

David Brown, CDI Skilled Volunteer
"Every day when I go to work, I help clients solve complex business challenges with the help of technology. So when Apparo came to us with the opportunity to volunteer our skills to help develop the Foundation For the Carolinas’ business continuity plan, it was the perfect match. Participating in Apparo’s volunteer program gives CDI employees the opportunity to use the professional skills we use every day to help nonprofits in our community."

duke-energy-logoJekia Doss, IT Associate with Duke Energy
“It paired my love of community service with things that I’m very passionate about in IT.” 

B Fisher, Corporate Volunteer, Duke Energy
“A donation can help you buy hardware and software but it’s the volunteer who can really help the employees figure out how to use it and use it every day.”

Corporate Technology Volunteer
It was a great experience for me...[Coaching's] something you can do outside of work to make connections, to meet people and really to pass on some of the skills that you use every day at work to nonprofits in the community."