Projects in Progress

Catawba Riverkeeper 2016Rabell Creative 2016

Nonprofit Partner: Catawba Riverkeeper
Nonprofit Sponsor: Rabell Creative

Corporate Volunteer: Rabell Creative

Project Description: While a great resource for information about the Catawba-Wateree River basin, CRF’s current website is dated, difficult to update, and unaesthetically pleasing ( They need help assessing and analyzing their current website and preparing a content map. They plan to use this information to redesign their website.

Inreach38North Design logo

Nonprofit Partner: InReach
Nonprofit Sponsor: 38North Designs

Corporate Volunteer: 38North Designs

Project Description: InReach needs help with defining and understanding the departmental businesses processes especially around data storage. InReach has 120 full-time and 350 part-time employees. Everyone has different methods of saving data anywhere from Excel to paper-based methods; therefore, it’s hard to pull necessary metrics and reports to share with funders, Board, and internal staff. A business process assessment and roadmap will help them with learning where data is currently stored, departmental processes, and provide documentation that would help them with selecting an integrated application that will allow them to move away from manual data management and create a database of meaningful data. A process roadmap will also help with the on-boarding process for new employees.

GiveNGo logoIngersoll Rand

Nonprofit Partner: Give-N-Go
Nonprofit Sponsor: Ingersoll Rand

Corporate Volunteer: Ingersoll Rand

Project Description: Give-N-Go would like to expand their current course offerings to include the most desired programming languages. They need an experienced web applications developer to help build online tutorials. The project could encompass 1 or more programming languages.

projectScientist logoDeliotte

Nonprofit Partner: Project Scientist

Corporate Volunteer: Deliotte Consulting

Project Description: Project Scientist needs assistance with selecting an inventory management application that can be used to track inventory and manage and order supplies for national summer STEM Academies hosted at university sites. They currently track inventory using an excel spreadsheet that is very slow and very large making it difficult to use.

habitat charlotteJabian 2016

Nonprofit Partner: Matthews HELP Center

Corporate Volunteer: Jabian Consulting

Project Description:Habitat Charlotte would like to go paperless (or at least significantly reduce paper) within their Accounts Payable process given their 3 ReStore locations and multiple construction sites. Their current accounts payable process is largely paper-based and doesn’t allow for the most effective use of volunteer/staff/vendor time and is a challenge as they plan for future growth. This project would entail visually documenting current accounts payable processes – how things work today, pain points as well as future state/recommendations – how could things work better, quick wins, items that will inform requirements in selecting a tool to automate process and a prioritized roadmap for the next 1-3 years.

Matthews Help Center 2016Centric 2016

Nonprofit Partner: Matthews HELP Center

Corporate Volunteer: Centric Consulting

Project Description: This is the next phase of Salesforce customization for Matthews HELP Center. They successfully completed a customization of a few modules within Salesforce but need assistance in continuing to further customize and utilize Salesforce. This will help Salesforce to become more of that central database for their organization, produce better/more efficient reporting and metrics and better manage their limited resources and data.

discovery place midtown consulting group

Nonprofit Partner: Discovery Place
Corporate Volunteer: Midtown Consulting Group
Project Description: Data Extraction and BI – Discovery Place currently has two CRM - Altru (1 yr old) and PAtrons Edge (legacy - unable to extract or query data). This project aims to fulfill their desire to lay BI on top of Altru and new database for the PE legacy data to facilitate data analysis. It will also provide training on new BI and establishment of query formats for needed data searches.

charlotte rescue mission      rodgers builders

Nonprofit Partner: Charlotte Rescue Mission
Corporate Volunteer: Rodgers Builders
Project Description: Technology Plan - Charlotte Rescue Mission is currently operating without a formalized technology plan and would like one to better prioritize, budget and plan for future technology initiatives. The technology plan will define the specifics about their current network infrastructure, better utilization of their digital/smart devices and provide recommendations for future technology needs and growth.

Lupus Foundation of Americaaccenture logo

Nonprofit Partner:Lupus Foundation of America, North Carolina Chapter
Nonprofit Sponsor: 
Corporate Volunteer: Accenture
Project Description: Application Selection- The outcome of this project will be complete documentation of all the business processes within Fashion & Compassion. This is the first step in a process that will lead to them selecting the best tools/applications that will best support their operations, allow for more efficient use of staff and volunteer time, enable better communication.collaboration and support the rapid growth they have been experiencing. 

Isabella Santos FoundationCTS Logo

 Nonprofit Sponsor: Isabella Santos Foundation
Corporate Volunteer: CTS
Project Description: Application selection/implementation- The Isabella Santos Foundation has made significant growth in the past several years. ISF needs help with selecting a CRM application to manage their donors, volunteers and events. Currently, ISF uses email, mail chimp, and Excel to house existing communications and data. Before selcting an application or determining if Salesforce (they are currently licensed for Salesforce) is the right solution, they need help assessing their business processes which will give them a roadmap for selecting a CRM that will best fit their current and future needs.

Fashion and Compassionnovant healthRIMU logo

Nonprofit Partner: Fashion & Compassion
Nonprofit Sponsor: Novant Health
Corporate Volunteer: Novant Health and RiMu Coaching
Project Description: Business Process and Analysis- The outcome of this project will be complete documentation of all the business processes within Fashion & Compassion. This is the first step in a process that will lead to them selecting the best tools/applications that will support their operations, allow for more efficient use of staff and volunteer time, enable better communication/ collaboration, and support the rapid growth they have been experiencing.

Loaves FishesComdyn Groupdatachambers logo

Nonprofit Partner:Loaves & Fishes
Nonprofit Sponsor: Data Chambers
Corporate Sponsor: 
The Comdyn Group
Project Description: 
Loaves & Fishes would like to utilize their cloud based client database, Bell Data – Client Services Network, to automate their client list process. Loaves & Fishes currently manages the process of getting the client list to the volunteers at their pantries manually through faxing and spreadsheets, sometimes multiple times a day.  The pantries also fax the list back to Loaves & Fishes to confirm clients have come or not.  They would like to secure a tablet in each pantry and be able to use their database as a way to share and update the client list each day.

Jazz Arts InitiativeExtended Stay America logo

Nonprofit Partner:Jazz Arts Initiative
Corporate Volunteer:
 Extended Stay America
Project Description: 
Jazz Arts Initiative is in need of finding a software solution to manage their programs, performances, musicians, students, and donors. Currently, they are using Excel, Email, and Constant Contact to do this. They also use the ticketing system,, through the Blumenthal Center. This project is to review their business processes and define software requirements to select the application that will best fit their needs.