Projects in Progress

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Nonprofit: Crisis Assistance Ministry
Corporate Volunteer & Sponsors: Jabian Consulting
Project Description: The mission of Crisis Assistance Ministry is to provide assistance and advocacy for people in financial crisis, helping them move toward self-sufficiency. Their partner agency service is a critical part of that mission, empowering low-income families to access services with dignity and allowing each agency to focus resources effectively. To divert customers from the Spratt Street Crisis Assistance Ministry lobby and allow customers to remain where they are, partner agencies can be trained to access financial assistance and furniture referral services for customers from their offices. This also helps avoid duplication of services across our community. 
The goal of the project is to create a strategy around the partner agency service to efficiently and effectively serve the community and create alignment with the Agencystrategy to Advance Stability and Economic Mobility for People Facing Financial Crisis, with three major outcomes: 1) A defined purpose of the partner agency service and its specific goals; 2) A developed strategy map and actionable recommendations; 3) Collected feedback from partner agencies on the service strengths and weaknesses, incorporate into the final recommendations.

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Nonprofit: Charlotte Family Housing
Corporate Volunteer: Bank of America & Wells Fargo
Corporate Sponsor: Utilligent
Project Description: Charlotte Family Housing is engaging Bank of America and Wells Fargo as Salesforce partners to increase Salesforce functionality. Charlotte Family Housing’s ability to capitalize on additional Salesforce functionality will empower them to more efficiently address families’ critical success factors. Some changes include: 1) The ability to import Financial Edge and HMIS data for client savings analysis, social worker case management, and social worker/housing resource coordinator collaboration, which will minimize errors, enhance internal communication and expedite key milestones that determine subsidy and lease renewal eligibility. 2) Automating client income calculations, inspections, and other steps in the manual, error-prone and labor-intensive renewal process, which will reduce incidences of missed deadlines and deliverables that jeopardize client housing stability. 3) Providing user-friendly reporting, progressing beyond current HTML downloads to Excel, which will more efficiently highlight time sensitive data gaps. Social workers will spend less time collecting data from varied, cumbersome and error-prone sources and will devote more time to client case management, addressing families’ issues in a timelier fashion, accelerating milestone achievements and increasing success rates.


Nonprofit: Mooresville Soup Kitchen
Corporate Volunteer: Individual
Project Description: Mooresville Soup Kitchen (MSK) is currently serving 150 guests per day in their programs. They currently use a manual paper process to track pantry guests. They are in need of a system that will allow pantry guests to register, check in and potentially check out their food items. The system should also allow for the ability for MSK to collect and analysze client data for future programs. This will allow MSK the ability to track clients and what goods they are receiving from the pantry. The scope of this project includes the documentation of application requirements, marketplace research to understand what tools are available that meet their needs within their budget and assistance selecting the best tool. The scope of the project does not include implementation of the application selected.

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Nonprofit: Crisis Assistance Ministry
Corporate Sponsor: Duke Energy - Piedmont Natural Gas
Corporate Volunteer: Rabell Creative
Project Description: As the winner of Apparo’s Website for Good Award, Crisis Assistance Ministry is receiving a custom website valued at $20,000, provided by Rabell Creative. Crisis Assistance Ministry focuses on preventing homelessness and preserving dignity for Charlotte-Mecklenburg’s working poor by providing assistance with rent, utilities, clothing and furniture. They will use the Website for Good Award as a means to get a user-friendly website, which will attract more donors, engage volunteers and educate constituents.  

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Nonprofit: Charlotte Bilingual Preschool
Corporate Volunteer: Accenture
Project Description: Research indicates dual-language education has positive outcomes for children, and Charlotte Bilingual Preschool’s waiting and inquiry list stretches into the 300s. To expand to reach more children, the school requires a technology-based overhaul of their internal systems, which aren’t built to handle the volume required to keep pace with demand. With Accenture’s help the school will be able to identify and implement a commercially available student management software system and install equipment that will efficiently manage all data related to students and families, enabling them to help more children.

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Nonprofit: Cross Country for Youth
Corporate Sponsor: AIG
Corporate Volunteer: Lowes
Project Description: Cross Country for Youth requires participants to take a survey before starting the program and again after the completion of the program. This shows progress made as a result of their participation in Cross Country for Youth. The organization inputs survey results into a spreadsheet which uses a macro to analyze the data to show progress made which is used for reporting. As Cross Country for Youth expands they will need a more reliable tool to track student survey results and progress. The purpose of the project will be assist Cross Country for Youth in the selection and initial set up of a survey tool that will meet all of their requirements.

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Nonprofit Partner:Loaves & Fishes
Corporate Sponsor: NorthState Technology Solutions 
Corporate Sponsor: 
The Comdyn Group
Project Description: 
Loaves & Fishes would like to utilize their cloud-based client database, Bell Data – Client Services Network, to automate their client list process. Loaves & Fishes currently manually manages the process of getting the client lists to the volunteers at their pantries, through faxing and spreadsheets, sometimes multiple times a day. The pantries also fax the lists back to Loaves & Fishes to confirm whether clients have come or not. Loaves & Fishes would like to secure a tablet in each pantry and be able to use their database as a way to share and update the client list each day.