Projects in Progress

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Nonprofit: Men's Shelter of Charlotte
Corporate Sponsor: Ingersoll Rand
Corporate Volunteer: Ingersoll Rand
Project Description: Men’s Shelter of Charlotte uses the HMIS (Homeless Management Information System) to manage their clients and collect data. They have office space full of paper-based client files that they would like to move to a digital format. The goal is to scan and attach these to the client record in the HMIS system. Ingersoll Rand will help MSC by (1)providing recommendations for scanner hardware that can handle the volume, (2)helping create the process of scanning the documents and (3)creating How-to documentation for staff and/or volunteers to follow the scan process.


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Nonprofit: Camino Community Center
Corporate Sponsor: Novant Health
Corporate Volunteer: Ephesus Consulting
Project Description: Camino Community Center would like an assessment of their business processes from a technology lense. They would like to better understand areas of opportunity within each department and across the whole organization. CCC would also like to understand where technology can help them to be more efficient and reduce manual/time consuming processes. Documentation would include an assessment mapped for efficiencies and prioritized recommendations for improvements.


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Nonprofit: Arts & Science Council

Corporate SponsorEY
Corporate Volunteer: EY

Project Description: ASC intends to either build or buy a centralized database in order to allow participating ASC member organizations to conduct target marketing activities through a third-party marketing firm and perform donor analytics. EY will assist ASC in the development of a business use case of technology enablement, specifically related to the possible development or purchase of a Charlotte-wide consolidated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) database. 


Inreach   Jabian 2016   Cardinal Innovations 2016


Nonprofit Partner: InReach
Corporate SponsorCardinal Innovations Healthcare
Corporate Volunteer: Jabian Consulting

Project Description: Business Process - InReach has 120 full-time and 350 part-time employees. Everyone has different methods of saving data anywhere from Excel to paper-based methods; therefore, it’s hard to pull necessary metrics and reports to share with funders, the Board and internal staff. A business process assessment and roadmap will help them learn where data is currently stored and navigate departmental processes. They will also provide documentation that will help InReach select an integrated application that will allow them to move away from manual data management and toward a database of meaningful information.


Heart Math Tutoring         accenture logo

Nonprofit Partner: Heart Math Tutoring
Corporate Sponsor: Accenture
Corporate Volunteer: Accenture

Project Description: Mission Possible Award Winner - The Mission Possible project will allow Heart to take the first step towards digitizing its program to better serve an increasing number of students over time. It will include an information management system for students and volunteers that helps Heart identify the right students, better serve the students (by having multiple data sources and longitudinal data available), and save staff time by consolidating and triangulating data across spreadsheets. 


Carolinas Aviation                  UTC Aerospace          Rodgers builders.png

Nonprofit Partner: Carolinas Aviation Museum
Corporate Sponsor: UTC Aerospace Systems
Corporate Volunteer: UTC Aerospace Systems & Rodgers Builders

Project Description: Tech Plan - A new technology assessment, roadmap and plan will allow Carolinas Aviation Museum to work more effectively and efficiently. The scope of this project will include a technology assessment of Carolinas Aviation’s current infrastructure, operations and strategy. With this assessment, a technology roadmap will be created to address hardware, software, security and applications required for the needed infrastructure, recommended operational/procedural/strategic changes and a budget for the recommended changes.


  Runningworks logo           Polypore International Logo

Nonprofit Partner: Running Works
Corporate Sponsor: Polypore International - a wholly owned subsidiary of Asahi KASEI

Corporate Volunteer: Polypore International - a wholly owned subsidiary of Asahi KASEI

Project Description: Tech plan - Running Works is currently operating without a technology roadmap. As a growing organization that is mostly mobile, creating a technology plan would help with increasing effectiveness of the staff, providing recommendations for cloud-based solutions to allow for file sharing and data backup. The users currently work independently of each other, meaning they use email to share files and all data is stored on the local computers. Bloomerang is being used for their donor management platform.


   projectScientist logo            Deliotte

Nonprofit Partner: Project Scientist

Corporate Volunteer: Deliotte Consulting

Project Description: Application Seleciton - Project Scientist needs assistance with selecting an inventory management application that can be used to track inventory and manage and order supplies for national summer STEM Academies hosted at university sites. They currently track inventory using an excel spreadsheet that is very slow and very large, making it difficult to use.



Matthews Help Center 2016              Centric 2016           Dell EMC logo

Nonprofit Partner: Matthews HELP Center

Corporate Volunteer: Centric Consulting
Corporate Sponsor: Dell EMC

Project Description: Salesforce-Customization - Matthews HELP Center successfully completed a customization of a few modules within Salesforce, but need assistance in continuing to further customize and utilize Salesforce. This will shift Salesforce into the role of a central database for their organization, producing better/more efficient reporting and metrics and better management of their limited resources and data.



discovery place         midtown consulting group   Microsoft logo        Family_Dollar_Logo.png

Nonprofit Partner: Discovery Place
Corporate Sponsor: Microsoft
Corporate Volunteer: Midtown Consulting Group & Family Dollar

Project Description: Data Extraction and Business Intelligence (BI) – Discovery Place currently has two CRM - Altru (1 yr old) and Patrons Edge (PE; legacy - unable to extract or query data). This project aims to fulfill Discovery Place's desire to lay BI on top of Altru and implement a new database for the PE legacy data to facilitate data analysis. It will also provide training on new BI and establishment of query formats for needed data searches.



Loaves Fishes       Comdyn Group          datachambers logo

Nonprofit Partner:Loaves & Fishes
Corporate Sponsor: Data Chambers
Corporate Sponsor: 
The Comdyn Group
Project Description: 
Loaves & Fishes would like to utilize their cloud-based client database, Bell Data – Client Services Network, to automate their client list process. Loaves & Fishes currently manually manages the process of getting the client lists to the volunteers at their pantries, through faxing and spreadsheets, sometimes multiple times a day. The pantries also fax the lists back to Loaves & Fishes to confirm whether clients have come or not. Loaves & Fishes would like to secure a tablet in each pantry and be able to use their database as a way to share and update the client list each day.


Opera Carolina Logo               Bank Of America logo official      

Nonprofit Partner: Opera Carolina
Corporate Volunteer: Bank of America
Corporate Sponsor: Bank of America

Project Description: Technology assessment and plan – This project will give Opera Carolina a 1-3 year technology plan with recommendations, a roadmap and a budget. Apparo will facilitate this project with Bank of America volunteers to assess the current technology landscape of Opera Carolina around infrastructure needs and operational needs (integrating processes to support current capabilities), and will explore strategic initiatives to establish new capabilities.