Projects in Progress


Nonprofit: Parkinson Association of the Carolinas
Corporate Volunteer: Private Individual
Project Description: Parkinson Association of the Carolinas is currently operating without a technology plan. Technology has not been a main focus for the organization due to limited staff, but they recognize it would greatly help them with efficiency and outreach. They have 2 fulltime staff members and are in the process of hiring another staff member. They have 2 new laptops with office 365 and 2 very old laptops with Access 2010. Parkinson Association is currently using a variety of tools including Bloomerang CRM. They have budgeted for a new website which they feel will really aid the organization in all aspects. This organization is in need of ways to better utilize the technology they already have and they would like a technology plan to better budget and plan for immediate and future technology initiatives.

caterpillar_ministries.png faros_consulting_logo.png

Nonprofit: Caterpillar Ministries
Corporate Volunteer: Faros Consulting
Project Description: Caterpillar ministries is currently operating without a technology plan. Technology has not been a main focus for the organization due to limited staff, but they recognize it would greatly help them with efficiency and outreach. They have 7 staff members - 4 full time and 3 part-time. There is mix of hardware - Mac/Windows that include BYOD’s. Caterpillar Ministries is currently using a variety of tools, including Dropbox for storage (although at limit) and Gmail for their email and shared calendars. Moving to Office 365 is part of their strategic plan for this year. This organization is in need of ways to better utilize the technology they already have and a technology plan to better budget and plan for immediate and future technology initiatives.

Christian_Adoption_Services_logo.png     Intellinet_color_horiz.png  NS-technology (1).png

Nonprofit: Christian Adoption Services
Corporate Volunteer: Intellinet
Corporate Sponsor: NorthState Technology Solutions
Project Description: Christian Adoption Services (CAM) currently uses a paper-based solution to process all their adoptions and have done this for more than thirty years. With file cabinets and boxes full of file records, they would like move to a technology solution that can archive all the old records as well as new ones. First step is to determine the best method & application to store the records. A document management system will provide much more efficiency, allow for searchable data and provide ease of use in the retrieval process. The agency is currently using Office 365 E1, which incorporates SharePoint. This may be a potential solution for the Records Management System. With so many options for this type of solution, CAS needs help with selecting the best fit and most cost effective document management system to help move them forward with technology. CAS has two locations in NC that operate separately…one of the goals with this project is to allow both offices to have access to all the files records.

ncmed assist logo.png        atrium_health_logo_unofficial.png

Nonprofit: NC MedAssist
Corporate Volunteer: Atrium Health
Project Description: Atrium Health is rolling out a new tool called Aunt Bertha to several social services agencies that they refer to, NC MedAssist being one of them. Aunt Bertha is a platform that is built to connect people with the programs in their area that can help them with their need. This will allow Atrium Health to refer clients who are in need of the programs that NC MedAssist provides directly through this system as well as provide two-way communication between Atrium Health and NC MedAssist. NC MedAssist currently operates with 28 staff members, 100 clinical sites, and a mobile pharmacy that has events in Charlotte and Raleigh. Staff capacity is stretched as many of their current business processes and associated forms are manual and/or paper-based. NC MedAssist would benefit greatly from having a team with the technology skillset to help them establish processes and operating procedures that will set up the implementation of Aunt Bertha for success both for the partnership with Atrium Health as well as internally for NC MedAssist.

 ourBRDIGEforKIDS_logo.png   Duke_Energy_Logo.png

Nonprofit: ourBRIDGE for KIDS
Corporate Volunteer: Duke Energy
Corporate Sponsor: Duke Energy
Project Description: ourBRIDGE for KIDS helps over 70 kids from refugee and immigrant families with out-of-school programming.
They have 4 full-time and 11 part-time individuals on staff, and in June 2017 were given the opportunity to move to a much bigger space. With the number of students increasing, having the space to work efficiently and more collaboratively is essential. They have been operating in “start-up” mode and have made things work, but recognize that they need to better understand and have documentation of their business processes and how technology can better support them in order to best utilize the new building, expand the number of children served and work more collaboratively with staff and volunteers.The scope of this project includes providing a business process assessment of their operations and help selecting and setting up the hardware/software in their new computer learning area for the ourBRIDGE students. Additionally, ourBRIDGE was given a grant by the Duke Energy Foundation for $4,500 to purchase hardware/software

humane_society_of_charlotte_logo.png    Duke_Energy_Logo.png

Nonprofit: Humane Society of Charlotte
Corporate Volunteer: Duke Energy
Corporate Sponsor: Duke Energy
Project Description: Human Society of Charlotte will be building a new animal shelter, education center, spay neuter clinic and administrative offices to be located on Wilkinson Blvd at Morehead Ave. They are in the final stages of finalizing the building plans and technology budget. They need help with reviewing the blueprints, recommending infrastructure details like placing Wi-Fi access points, determining how many AP’s are needed, Ethernet placement, etc. Also assistance with determining network hardware required and creating an infrastructure technology budget. Another important need is providing assistance with innovative technology ideas to implement that would engage and educate both children and adults that visit the shelter.

habitat_charlotte_logo.png     bankofamerica_logo.png

Nonprofit: Habitat for Humanity of Charlotte
Corporate Volunteer: Bank of America
Corporate Sponsor: Bank of America
Project Description: Habitat for Humanity of Charlotte is operating without a technology plan. Their leadership recognizes that a technology assessment is a priority in moving the organization forward. A technology assessment, roadmap, and plan will allow them to work more effectively and efficiently. The scope of this project would include a technology assessment of Habitat’s current infrastructure, operations and strategy across their organization. Through this assessment, a technology plan and roadmap will be created to address needed hardware, software, security and policy changes and a budget for the recommended changes.

epiphany_logo.png      jabian_logo.png

Nonprofit: The Epiphany School of Charlotte
Corporate Volunteer: Jabian Consulting
Project Description: The outcome of this project will be complete documentation of all the business processes heat mapped for efficiencies. This will be a foundational step so that the Epiphany School of Charlotte will be prepared and ready for increased growth in number of students and the possibility of replicating the school in other locations in alignment with strategic initiatives. Having a roadmap and recommendations on how to make their processes more efficient both now and in the future will allow them to better support their operations, allow for the best use of staff and board time, enable better communication/collaboration and support the growth they have planned.

ncmed assist logo.png        cardinal_innovations_healthcare.jpeg

Nonprofit: NC MedAssist
Corporate Volunteer: Cardinal Innovations
Corporate Sponsor: Cardinal Innovations
Project Description: NC MedAssist conducts free mobile pharmacy events. Event participants must complete a paper application form prior to receiving any services or medications. These forms are being stored at NC MedAssist and entered into Excel as time permits. NC MedAssist would like to eliminate the manual paper process and needs assistance creating an electronic application. Ideally the data entered into the electronic application will flow to a data repository. In addition, NC MedAssist will be opening a free retail store in the near future. It is important that the electronic form contains data needed for the retail store clients. The scope of this project includes:

· Creating and implementing the electronic application form

· Defining the process for completing electronic data form

· Defining and set up data of data flow from the application to a data repository that can be used for reporting and confirming client information

ccfy_logo.PNG   AIG LOGO.png    lowes-logo.png

Nonprofit: Cross Country for Youth
Corporate Sponsor: AIG
Corporate Volunteer: Lowes
Project Description: Cross Country for Youth requires participants to take a survey before starting the program and again after the completion of the program. This shows progress made as a result of their participation in Cross Country for Youth. The organization inputs survey results into a spreadsheet which uses a macro to analyze the data to show progress made which is used for reporting. As Cross Country for Youth expands they will need a more reliable tool to track student survey results and progress. The purpose of the project will be assist Cross Country for Youth in the selection and initial set up of a survey tool that will meet all of their requirements.

mens_shelter_of_charlotte_logo.jpg         ingersollrand_corpsig_standard_red.png

Nonprofit: Men's Shelter of Charlotte
Corporate Sponsor: Ingersoll Rand
Corporate Volunteer: Ingersoll Rand
Project Description: Men’s Shelter of Charlotte uses the HMIS (Homeless Management Information System) to manage their clients and collect data. They have office space full of paper-based client files that they would like to move to a digital format. The goal is to scan and attach these to the client record in the HMIS system. Ingersoll Rand will help MSC by (1)providing recommendations for scanner hardware that can handle the volume, (2)helping create the process of scanning the documents and (3)creating How-to documentation for staff and/or volunteers to follow the scan process.


camino_community_center_logo.png       Ephesus_logo.PNG           Novant_logo.png       


Nonprofit: Camino Community Center
Corporate Sponsor: Novant Health
Corporate Volunteer: Ephesus Consulting
Project Description: Camino Community Center would like an assessment of their business processes from a technology lense. They would like to better understand areas of opportunity within each department and across the whole organization. CCC would also like to understand where technology can help them to be more efficient and reduce manual/time consuming processes. Documentation would include an assessment mapped for efficiencies and prioritized recommendations for improvements.


ASC logo.jpg      EY Logo pn.png

Nonprofit: Arts & Science Council

Corporate SponsorEY
Corporate Volunteer: EY

Project Description: ASC intends to either build or buy a centralized database in order to allow participating ASC member organizations to conduct target marketing activities through a third-party marketing firm and perform donor analytics. EY will assist ASC in the development of a business use case of technology enablement, specifically related to the possible development or purchase of a Charlotte-wide consolidated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) database. 


Heart Math Tutoring         accenture logo

Nonprofit Partner: Heart Math Tutoring
Corporate Sponsor: Accenture
Corporate Volunteer: Accenture

Project Description: Mission Possible Award Winner - The Mission Possible project will allow Heart to take the first step towards digitizing its program to better serve an increasing number of students over time. It will include an information management system for students and volunteers that helps Heart identify the right students, better serve the students (by having multiple data sources and longitudinal data available), and save staff time by consolidating and triangulating data across spreadsheets. 

  Runningworks logo           Polypore International Logo

Nonprofit Partner: Running Works
Corporate Sponsor: Polypore International - a wholly owned subsidiary of Asahi KASEI

Corporate Volunteer: Polypore International - a wholly owned subsidiary of Asahi KASEI

Project Description: Tech plan - Running Works is currently operating without a technology roadmap. As a growing organization that is mostly mobile, creating a technology plan would help with increasing effectiveness of the staff, providing recommendations for cloud-based solutions to allow for file sharing and data backup. The users currently work independently of each other, meaning they use email to share files and all data is stored on the local computers. Bloomerang is being used for their donor management platform.


   projectScientist logo            Deliotte

Nonprofit Partner: Project Scientist

Corporate Volunteer: Deliotte Consulting

Project Description: Application Seleciton - Project Scientist needs assistance with selecting an inventory management application that can be used to track inventory and manage and order supplies for national summer STEM Academies hosted at university sites. They currently track inventory using an excel spreadsheet that is very slow and very large, making it difficult to use.



discovery place         midtown consulting group   Microsoft logo        Family_Dollar_Logo.png

Nonprofit Partner: Discovery Place
Corporate Sponsor: Microsoft
Corporate Volunteer: Midtown Consulting Group & Family Dollar

Project Description: Data Extraction and Business Intelligence (BI) – Discovery Place currently has two CRM - Altru (1 yr old) and Patrons Edge (PE; legacy - unable to extract or query data). This project aims to fulfill Discovery Place's desire to lay BI on top of Altru and implement a new database for the PE legacy data to facilitate data analysis. It will also provide training on new BI and establishment of query formats for needed data searches.



Loaves Fishes       Comdyn Group          datachambers logo

Nonprofit Partner:Loaves & Fishes
Corporate Sponsor: Data Chambers
Corporate Sponsor: 
The Comdyn Group
Project Description: 
Loaves & Fishes would like to utilize their cloud-based client database, Bell Data – Client Services Network, to automate their client list process. Loaves & Fishes currently manually manages the process of getting the client lists to the volunteers at their pantries, through faxing and spreadsheets, sometimes multiple times a day. The pantries also fax the lists back to Loaves & Fishes to confirm whether clients have come or not. Loaves & Fishes would like to secure a tablet in each pantry and be able to use their database as a way to share and update the client list each day.