CIO Insights: How to Win the War on IT Talent

How important is culture when hiring and retaining employees?

Culture can make or break whether a potential employee is recruited and retained. Create a culture that wow’s the type of employee your company is looking for. Invest heavily in their culture to increase “curb appeal” at the company. Current employees are getting more calls to be recruited than ever. Potential employees want to know more about the value of switching jobs, not the details of a company’s job opening. Once in the position, they want to know how they will be encouraged to grow.

Employers need to be honest about what they are and aren’t. Acquisition and retention all about if the job is a great place to grow and work. Candidates know when they’re being sold.

Companies are starting to identify cultures within cultures…culture can be different across depratments in one org.

How can companies retain IT talent?

Retention begins on an employee’s first day of work and throughout the onboarding process. On the first day, make sure their calendar is full the entire week. You don’t want an employee to feel at any time that they didn’t know what to do.

Create incentive programs, spot bonus awards, and show each employee where their development opportunities are. Be purposeful about building career plans for employees by finding out where they want to go in their careers and helping them get there. However, don’t be afraid to have constructive conversations on an employees’ limitations. Empowering employees to have a voice makes them want to stay. Motivate employees by taking ideas (good ones) and implementing them no matter what their level.

Solicit feedback from employees. Ask them directly what will keep them at your company. Let them see that their feedback makes a difference and that you value their input. Tell employees the work they’re doing is meaningful to the business.