CIO Insights: How to Capitalize on Disruptive Technologies Overview

How are companies enabling Disruptive Technologies? How to determine what’s real and what’s hype?

First, determine business needs and priorities. Extensive research is then required to see what emerging vendors have and if it aligns with business goals. Do research, look at customer base, hold a focus group and get feedback. Companies all need to become more data driven—they need to know who their customers are, what they want, and what they think about the company. Learn as much as you possibly can before jumping into new technologies. Understand it to the point that you realize it solves a business problem. If it doesn’t, it’s not necessary.

How do organizations accommodate for the change in technology with employees?

Innovative technology is no different than any other. If a technology is a fit, organizations need to plan for how they will use it and training for employees. The key is understanding where business needs are, knowing your people and where the pockets of support is in order to take to the C-suite. The C-suite has become more tech-savvy. They’re reading about changes in technology on their own and bringing it to the IT department. Organizations don’t need to try and sell the technology, but the problem that it can solve.

How do companies ensure they’re laying the foundation to accommodate the next 100 years?

Scalability, and even more so, agility is imperative. A company has to be flexible, change with the technology that adds value to their business. Building to last 100 years is no longer realistic, but building to last until the next innovative application. Technology moves in innovation cycles: what can you replace that makes you more efficient? A company’s core is as strong as its security. It needs a strong security system that can adopt to change so it’s not a roadblock. When decision-makers make IT go through all of the red tape it can deflate the company. Understand the beauty of your enterprise and how it all works together.

What are the expectations of vendors/suppliers of Disruptive Technology?

One of the biggest pieces of adopting Disruptive Technologies is the partnership a company has with its vendor/supplier. They need to understand you and where you want to go. Technology is always new, but at some point you have to stop and select something. Companies are going to fail at innovation—fail fast. Make sure any decisions will only make you small mistakes, while building good relationships and sharing knowledge.