Caterpillar Ministries - CRM Database Software Selection

Project Description 

Caterpillar Ministriesneeds assistance with the identification of a CRM system that will allow them to more efficiently manage, track, report and communicate with volunteers, current and potential donors and families.Caterpillar Ministries has a small staff and many volunteers. They are currently using an excel sheet to track volunteers and they currently track their families through paper. The donors are tracked in QuickBooks. Caterpillar Ministries needsto have a system to correctly track, collect and store important documents pertaining to families, volunteers and donors. Caterpillar Ministries would like to reduce the manual effort of reporting, be able to collect and track a wide range of data and have capabilities to understand donor trends, track attendance and various analytics.

The scope of the project will include: 

  • Assessment and understanding of currentprocessesfor volunteers, donors and families
  • Documentation and prioritization of software/tool requirements 
  • Marketplace research to determine software tools available that meet requirements
  • Set up and facilitation of demos by software vendors 
  • Recommendation on best solution to implement 

Project Impact  

Increase in Revenue

  • By having a more user friendly interface, online donations may increase
  • Access to data trends and analytics will allow Caterpillar Ministries to better segment and communicate to current, past and potential donors

Increase in Operating Efficiencies

  • Having a system with proper data fields and easily customizable reports will decrease the time required to collect and conduct manual reporting

Decrease in Risk

  • Having the ability to run reports with no data manipulations or work arounds decreases the risks of data errors

Nonprofit Agency Overview 

Caterpillar Ministries was launched in 2007 by Anne Crawford. Anne founded this organization by walking door-to-door in the multi-ethnic Huntington Green Mobile Home Park. Anne began by just meeting with a handful of children in the front yard of one of the residents. In 2015, they expanded their programs to serve middle and high school students. In 2017, they further expanded to officially serve the adult population of the community, as well.

The organization has now grown to serve over 300 children and adults. They have their own space and two 12-passenger vans (and a minivan!) to help them transport their neighbors to and from their weekly programs - including early literacy, tutoring, job training, summer camps, summer internships. They also provide individual and community wide assistance with clothing, food, school supplies, and Christmas gifts.