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About Apparo

Apparo's mission is to empower local nonprofits through technology that enhances their missions. We are the go-to provider of technology strategy, implementation, consulting and support services for nonprofits in the Charlotte area. Apparo convenes the nonprofit and corporate technology sectors, delivering solutions that multiply nonprofit effectiveness for a better Charlotte. Read More >>

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    Apparo's mission is to transform local nonprofits through technology and services that enhance their missions. Learn more about our success from our client stories. Read More
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    Join Charlotte-area nonprofits as they gather to learn best practices to enhance their technology and business skills. Read More
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    Your nonprofit wants technology resources, and bringing them to you is what Apparo does best. Here you'll find guides, and resources for goods and services. Coming soon! Read More
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    Join more than 600 IT and business leaders in Charlotte at the 2016 ConnectivIT Ball. Sponsorships enable nonprofits to do and serve more in the community. Read More
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International Adventure in Malawi

They will be working with organizations to build relationships with youth in the area through sports education, skills development and mentoring programs.

Since joining our team in 2007, Daniel McCollum has been instrumental in helping nonprofits implement technology solutions that enable them to better serve their clients. For those of you who have worked with Daniel, you know his passion for humanitarian service both at NPower and his volunteer activities outside of work.

This summer marks the beginning of a new international adventure for him that will put this passion to good use.  In August, Daniel, along with his wife, will take a year sabbatical and move to Malawi, Africa working with organizations to build relationships with youth in the area through sports education, skills development and mentoring programs.
Malawi is one of the most densely populated countries on the continent of Africa, with a population of 14 million living in an area about the size of Pennsylvania. It is also known as the third poorest country in the world and it is fighting the ongoing battle of the HIV/AIDS pandemic every day.  There is obviously a great need for humanitarian support and we are grateful that Daniel felt called to support the people of Malawi who are facing such dire circumstances.

While in Malawi, Daniel may continue helping us in Charlotte by providing ongoing web site development and technology support for NPower on an as needed basis.  Tina Trabucco, a previous NPower consultant, returned in July to assist in his absence.  Join us in wishing him well in this new adventure and his safe return in 2010!