Q&A With Caterpillar Ministries

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Nonprofit: Caterpillar Ministries

Apparo Program: Community Impact Projects

Interview with: Anne Crawford, Founder and Sarah Fortner, Executive Director

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3 Myths Surrounding Tech for Nonprofits, Debunked

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Sometimes when people hear about what we do at Apparo, they look confused about why we do it. For example, it's not uncommon for us to hear, "Well, I don't want my donor dollars going to overhead [read: tech]. I want them going to the actual service," among other misconceptions. But these misconceptions are just that - misunderstandings disguised as truths.

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5 Ways Nonprofits Benefit from Technology

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Think of the myriad ways your for-profit company leverages technology to operate. How would your business model be impacted without the support of IT? So often people think of nonprofits as organizations that do good work, and don’t consider ...

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WordPress and Website Lingo for Beginners

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Your organization’s website is an invaluable tool for reaching a wider audience and collecting more donations. Unfortunately, your website can hurt more than help if it’s outdated. Don’t believe us? Check out these 10 Perceptions Outdated Websites Create That Damage Credibility.

If you’re in charge of updating content on your website, but don’t have a strong (or any) background in web design, don’t worry. Most website platforms make it easy to make changes.

Nonetheless, an understanding of basic WordPress and website lingo provides an important foundation for navigating such content updates. From site foundations, like DNS settings and hosting, to more sophisticated additions, including plugins and widgets, here’s a run-down on common website lingo you should be familiar with when dealing with your company’s WordPress site.  

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