Q&A With The Epiphany School of Charlotte

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Photo Credit: The Epiphany School of Charlotte

Nonprofit: The Epiphany School of Charlotte 

Apparo Program: Epic, Community Impact Project 

Interview: Erin Morris, Executive Director

1. What is Epiphany School of Charlotte’s mission?   

The Epiphany School of Charlotte is a nonprofit, independent day school dedicated to providing proven programs for students with Asperger's or other social communication differences. Currently serving children in grades 3 through 9 with average to above average intelligence, the Epiphany student builds success skills for high school and beyond through small class instruction and a specialized curriculum. Epiphany is committed to developing the whole child in mind, body and spirit. 

2. Tell me about a favorite experience at The Epiphany School of Charlotte. 

The laughter that I get to experience every day. From the student's laughter in the hallways, with pure genuine joy, or with my laughter after our kids say the darndest things! We love it. 

I also love knowing that families finally feel safe with their child at school. They can drop their child off and know that there won't be "that phone call" coming home. Parents tell us all the time that they get emotional in the car pool drop off line, just breathing for the first time and feeling safe.  

3. How did your relationship with Apparo begin?  

Apparo was shared with us by a current-at-the-time parent of one of our students. She had previously worked with Apparo through her company, InReach. We dove right in! Stephanie visited our school and interviewed us to see what our needs were. We thought what Apparo was offering was too good to be true!

4. What were some of the challenges The Epiphany School of Charlotte faced prior to working with Apparo?   

Epiphany has grown steadily over the last few years. We were on the precipice of our next growth steps and feeling overwhelmed. We needed some outside support to help us organize our structure. In order for us to replicate what we were doing, we needed to organize that model first.  

Apparo’s Epic program could not have been more streamlined, organized, helpful and full of the most generous people we have come across in our school life. Having someone to guide us through the process was invaluable.

5. How have Apparo services helped the school perform better?   

We are now able to make that next leap into our growth strategic plan. We will be able to connect with more families in the community, something that there is a dire need for. 

Without Apparo, I think we would be feeling so overwhelmed about our next steps that it could have burdened Epiphany to the point of not being able to move forward. The guidance, counseling and official business landscape project outcome will allow Epiphany to continue its mission and reach even more families. Thank you, Apparo!