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Join us for our Community Impact Breakfast! Read More!

The 2016 ConnectivIT Ball was a huge success! Apparo was able to celebrate all of the year's impact from connecting nonprofits in need of tech solutions to corporate volunteers. Thank you to all of our 2016 ConnectivIT Sponsors! To view and download photos from the event, click here.

TJ Felice of Centric Consulting is Apparo's Volunteer Spotlight. See it here!


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  • CharlotteFamilyHousing CardinalInnovations
  • bank of america susan g koman
  • accenture florence crittenton
  • CarolinaFarmTrust CDISoutheast
  • CommunitiesInSchools JCMR
  • accenture foundation for the carolinas
  • SpayNeuter Accenture
  • accenture habitat metrolina
  • ey blumenthal
  • emc jacobs ladder
  • microsoft community building initiative
  • MatthewsHelpCenter Novant
  • PatriotsPath BarnHardt
  • ey bruce irons camp
  • AYN Jabian
  • HHoC DukeEnergy
  • microsoft ronald mcdonald house
  • bank of america womens impact fund
  • microsoft right moves for youth
  • WingHaven Rabell
  • ey asc
  • CrossRoads Skookum
  • IndpendenceFund Stalwart
  • AnglesSparrows CCBCC
  • accenture dress for success
  • CrisisMinistry TIAACREF
  • Catawba Centric
  • bank of america home life for pals
  • Florence NorthHighland
  • emc power 2 give
  • bank of america mental health association
  • Blumenthal CTS
  • ey actors theatre
  • emc mint meseum

What We Do

Apparo's mission is to empower local nonprofits through technology that enhances their missions. We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit that connects local nonporofits in need of tech assistance to corporate volunteers, giving them access to IT education, training, and affordable IT solutions. Read More >>

  • Success Stories

    Apparo's mission is to transform local nonprofits through technology and services that enhance their missions. Learn more about our success from our client stories. Read More
  • Nonprofit Insights

    Join Charlotte-area nonprofits as they gather to learn best practices to enhance their technology and business skills. Read More
  • Resources

    Your nonprofit wants technology resources, and bringing them to you is what Apparo does best. Here you'll find guides, and resources for goods and services. Coming soon! Read More
  • ConnectivIT Ball

    Join more than 600 IT and business leaders in Charlotte at the 2016 ConnectivIT Ball. Sponsorships enable nonprofits to do and serve more in the community. Read More
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